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Development capability to meet all needs

Kaibara is a manufacturer of frictional parts that has been supporting various products in society for many years since its foundation.

We are proud that the amount of our cumulative know-how, experience, and knowledge of frictional parts, including copper alloys, is at the top level in Japan.

Making maximum use of our expertise with diverse types of test equipment, we are developing high-performance parts, including Kaibara’s original parts, based on mechanical properties and frictional characteristics data.

As a matter of course, if we determine that non-copper alloy materials meet the needs of customers, we will propose and develop custom parts that are not limited to copper alloys.

If you need an original solution involving specific materials, leave it to Kaibara.

Friction and wear tester
(ring-on-disk type)

Friction and wear tester
(rotary type)

Falex friction tester

Digital microscope

Kaibara Original Materials

Bronze, lead bronze, and phosphor bronze have excellent seizure resistance as frictional parts, but they have problems in terms of strength.

On the other hand, aluminum bronze and high-strength brass, which are superior in terms of strength, have problems with seizure resistance, and it is getting harder to use these materials in response to continuously harsh, high-speed, and high-pressure conditions.

Kaibara original materials have been developed to solve these problems and ensure excellence in seizure and wear resistance.

Types of Kaibara Original Materials

Equipment Power to Enable Casting & Processing

Kaibara consistently develops, casts, and machines copper alloy materials in-house.

Kaibara uses continuous casting, centrifugal casting (horizontal type and vertical type), sand mold casting equipment, and a total of 120 machine tools, and offers all materials and product shapes, from several grams to several tons.

Thorough quality control and a dedicated support system

In order to maintain high-quality materials and products, Kaibara has diverse types of inspection equipment and conducts inspections that are suitable for each manufacturing method on every single item for mass-production items, thus ensuring quality stability.

Furthermore, Kaibara offers thorough after-sales support. In the unlikely event of trouble with our customers’ machines, Kaibara can track the delivery situation of parts and submit inspection results.

Kaibara offers comprehensive support by proposing better quality parts and solving customers’ problems.