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Kaibara Metal (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Kaibara Metal offers know-how accumulated in Japan.

Kaibara Metal is expanding the range of items that it can offer, including cast iron products and steel
Products, based on the casting and processing technology accumulated in Japan.

For example, even in massive quantities that cannot be covered in Japan, Kaibara Metal’s factory in China will back up the production.

In recent years, many companies have established production bases in other countries, including China, and they have been actively engaged indirect local transactions and delivery, thus making it possible to reduce costs while maintaining high quality.

It’s being produced from mint consistently with mint of cast iron and a copper alloy and machining line under Kaibara Metal’s factory in China at present until processing.
Highly reliable product and service are offered to 2 bases of Japan and China by level technical power, manufacturing capacity and quality control.

The manufacturing capacity

1.Iron casting section

Producing cast iron of 1~40kg with a level formation line made in Japan.(Shinto FCMXⅢ) (frame size 700x600x250/250mm)

2.Copper alloy casting section

Kaibara Metal have a continuous casting and a centrifugal casting equipment. An abrasion resistant copper alloy of less than φ1000 can be manufactured.

3.Machining section

It’s possible to produce various complicated parts with NC lathe, vertical and horizontal MC, lapping machine, gear shaver, surface grinding machine, broaching machine, jet washing machine etc.

4.Quality management

Kaibara Metal has check equipment of a microscope, tension tester, ultrasonic exam machine, coordinate measuring machine, roundness measuring machine, optical comparator, surface roughness and cylindrical profile measuring machine.

Products Handled by Chinese Factory

Product of the field of the hydraulic equipment, car , servomotor, and the robot is being produced.