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A total of 120 machine tools make the machining of parts in all shapes and numbers

Kaibara has a total of 120 machine tools for a wide range of machining, including broaching, lapping, polishing, and barreling, as well as lathing, drilling, and milling. Kaibara’s engineering technology with know-how and advanced technical capabilities gained from 70 years of experience make it possible to machine a variety of shapes ranging from simple shapes to complicated shapes.

Furthermore, Kaibara studies various manufacturing possibilities in response tohigh-mix low-volume production and mass production, including the following requests:

  • Building of dedicated machines and dedicated lines
  • Mass production systems combining the numeric control (NC) lathe and machining center (MC)
  • Building of multi-product small quantity lines

Kaibara fully responds to customers’ requests. Feel free to contact us.